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Decorative Grantie and Marbles Dealer


Sri Sai Raksha Grante & Marble

Dealers in : All Types of Granites & Marbles, Artificial Granite, Imported Granites & Marbles, Granite Tulasi Pots, Flower Pots, Granite Flower Vases, Granite Kitchen Sinks, Granite Cabinets, Granite Step Railings, Granite Gold & Silver Engravings

Specialist in: Hotels & Garden Restaurant Decorative Granite Table Chairs, Sofas, Interior & Exterior Imported Granites

Ballari’s Biggest Granite & Marbles Showroom

Cell: 9480094809

Cell: 7618777088

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  • Address: # 286 A/3, Havambavi, Siruguppa Road, Ballari
  • GPS: 15.1675036,76.91331439999999

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